PalmEco Geopolymer


The Palmeco Geopolymer makes use of sandwich – type system with a coal ash polymer and standard Palmeco boards. Geopolymer has excellent mechanical properties, strong acidic and alkali resistance, fire resistance and a strong insulation against high temperatures.

This award-winning technology is also cost –effective and eco – friendly.  It is ideal for:

  • External and internal walls
  • Energy saving wall system
  • SIP wall system
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire-rated doors
  • Excellent sound and heat barriers wall system
  • Highway sound barrier

Palmeco wins grand award at the 1st Asian Inventions Exhibition

Palmeco won the grand award in the first annual Asian Inventions Exhibition held in Hong Kong. The grand award is the highest prestige of prize to be won.

Palmeco entered the exhibition’s invention category of Smart Homes & Healthy Living showcasing its innovative Palmeco Geo-Insulator. At the exhibition, Palmeco deployed a booth and video to explain to attendees and judges the Geo-Insulator’s numerous advantages. Palmeco explained the Geo-Insulator’s geopolymerisation technology, the board’s functional and ecological advantages as a material, and the benefits it brings to the construction industry and for society.

The 1st Asian Inventions Exhibition was held on 5th-7th December 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The advantages of the Palmeco Geo-Insulator can radically change how we build for a better society. Get to know more about its technology, advantages and potential applications in our explanatory video.

Palmeco Geo-Insulator Polymer is a truly innovative product aimed to solve weak fire and water performance problems, common in insulation materials currently available in the market. The product was co-developed with NAMI (Nano and Advance Institute Limited*), over an intensive two-year research and development period.

Technical information of Palmeco Geopolymer

Palmeco Geopolymer

An easy to work with, high-performing insulated wall panel that’s greener, quieter, and safer.

The insulating layer combines geopolymer technology strengthened with natural palm fibre to create an ultra-lightweight non-combustible thermal insulation material that also has the benefits of strong moisture resistance, and high acoustic insulation performance. Easy and quick to install, Palmeco Geopolymer is an eco-friendly alternative to rock wool, expanded polystyrene (EPS), cellulose and fibreglass, and foamed ceramics and foamed cement.

Palmeco Geopolymer reduces energy consumption and energy costs during extreme outdoor temperatures. If a home is not properly insulated, up to two thirds of its heat energy can be lost or unwantingly added.